the recordings of:

doors revolve
$4 sunglasses, 80's aka tacky!, a b c d, adjectives especially, aestheticism, all day long!, almost famous, alphabetising everything, angst, antique, arcadia, art, ask me ask me, australian music, bass guitar, blablabla, bohemianism, book smell, books, britpop, brooches, buttons, cardies from my granny, checkerboard vans, classic cars, coffee and cigarettes, concerts, crocheted blankets, culture, dichotomy, dictionaries, diy music spaces, do you love it?, don't be offended, drop dead fread, envy of the french, eps and lps, face down on floor, full.stops, garden state, gaslight inn, gigantic specs, goodbye lenin!, graffiti, gravestones from the 1800s, great amounts of nostalgia, hand scribbled dinosaurs, histoire and anglais, hormones, huge cheesy smiles, indie skaters, ink, inking blank spaces, lanfranchi's memorial discotheque, learning, learning about literature, letters, lingering, looking-at-your-shoes, lucid lucidity, magazines, men with glasses, mess+noise forums, misleading people, mugs with 5cm radius', music in warehouses, nme, numerical sequences, odd haircuts, op-shops, plaid vans, polka-dot brollys, randomly bursting into song, sharpies, shoulder pads, skateboarding, snapshots of teen years, stoppard absurdity, textiles, that's an abomination!, the smell of books, the sound of skateboarding, trying-too-damn-hard, vice, vintage, vowels verbs & nouns, we only come out-at-night, wooster collective, words ending in "ing", zines